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Castrol SHL 46 Synthetic Gear Lubricant -55 Gallon Drum (expired)

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Castrol SHL synthetic hydrocarbon lubricants, is formulated from select Polyalphaolefins (PAOs). The Castrol SHL line contains special anti-wear, anti-oxidant and anti-corrosion additives. Their high viscosity index and excellent lubrication properties mean power savings and cooler operating temperatures. Castrol SHL lubricants are especially applicable for bearings and gears that operate over a wide range of temperatures, particularly in cases where high temperatures can result in oil life reduction, sludge and frequent clean outs. Castrol SHL excels in compressor applications that require excellent oxidation, thermal stability, and reduced carbon build-up.

Castrol SHL 46 SDS (SHL_lubricant_SDS.pdf, 111 Kb) [Download]

Castrol SHL 46 PDS (SHL_lubricant_PDS.pdf, 51 Kb) [Download]