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Castrol Syntilo 9902 Synthetic Coolant (Formulated for Grinding of Ferrous Metals) - 55 gal Drum

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Castrol Syntilo 9902 is a synthetic fluid specially formulated for grinding and light-duty machining of ferrous metals. Syntilo 9902 settles chips quickly to provide free-cutting action, reduce cycle times and improve G-ratios. Syntilo 9902 provides corrosion protection and bioresistance.

Application: Syntilo 9902 is developed for surface, cylindrical, double disk and centerless grinding and light machining applications.


 Rejects tramp oils to the surface of the fluid for easy skimming

 Resists rancidity and maintains corrosion protection in hard water

 Protects against bi-metallic corrosion caused by iron-copper or iron-aluminum couples

 Inhibits microbial growth to extend fluid life in central systems and individual sumps

 Settles chips quickly to prevent grinding wheel build-up and maintain a clean working environment

Castrol Syntilo 9902 PDS (Syntilo_9902_080210.pdf, 86 Kb) [Download]

Castrol Syntilo 9902 SDS (Syntilo_9902_SDS.pdf, 63 Kb) [Download]