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Purus® Alletor Heavy Duty Hi-Temp Grease NLGI #2 - 3% Moly - Pail

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PURUS® Alletor™ Heavy Duty Hi-Temp Grease with 3% Moly is a premium quality lithium complex grease treated with 3% molybdenum disulfide for additional protection against wear. It is available in NLGI #1 and NLGI #2 grades. It has excellent water spray-off and washout resistance, gives excellent performance in the areas of oxidation stability and corrosion protection and resists leakage, dripping or undesirable throw-off from the lubricated surface. PURUS® Alletor™ Heavy Duty Hi-Temp Grease with 3% Moly applications include wheel bearings and universal joints, off-highway and construction equipment, trucking, mining and farming equipment as well as many other industrial applications.

Purus Moly Grease (Alletor_Heavy_Duty_Hi_Temp_Grease_3___1.pdf, 65 Kb) [Download]