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Castrol Tribol™ GR 100-0 PD Lithium Based Grease 35 LB Pail (f/k/a Longtime PD 0) 62000-BT40


Supplied by your licensed/authorized Castrol Industrial distributor - Santie Oil Company.

62000BT40 15822B

Castrol Tribol™ GR 100 PD (previously called Longtime™ PD) is a range of lithium based greases containing highly

refined mineral oils, enhanced with the MicroFlux Trans (MFT) additive system.

The MFT additive technology provides optimum wear protection and an extremely low coefficient of friction even under

extremes of pressure, vibration, shock loads, at high or low speeds or varying micro-smoothing of the friction surfaces.

Under severe load, components of the MFT additive combination are activated, initiating an improvement of surface

friction characteristics through plastic deformation. The products of that organic reation become a component of the

tribopolymer system.

Unlike the case with conventional lubricants, the tribopolymers formed by MFT are long-chained compounds with

excellent lubricity and adhesion. This means that the load carrying area is improved and a hydrodynamic lubrication film

is easier to maintain. This unique physio-chemical reaction achieves a non-sacrificial micro-smoothing of the friction


Tribol GR 100 PD (tribol_gr_100_PD_range.pdf, 67 Kb) [Download]