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Castrol Molub-Alloy™ 6040/150 Heavy Duty Calcium Complex Grease - 37 LB Pail


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Minimum quantity for "Castrol Molub-Alloy™ 6040/150 Heavy Duty Calcium Complex Grease - 37 LB Pail" is 1.


Castrol Molub-Alloy™ 6040 grease is based on a unique calcium-complex sulfonate thickener containing premium petroleum base oils with select additives for extreme pressure characteristics. Greases using calcium sulfonate thickeners have inherent anti-oxidant and rust-inhibiting properties, along with high dropping points and extreme pressure (EP) /anti-wear characteristics. The use of this complex thickener offers advantages over other organic grease thickeners such as polyurea. It also works better than inorganics like aluminium bentonites or fumed silica.

Application Molub-Alloy 6040 is a high-performance, multi-purpose grease that exhibits excellent adhesive and cohesive characteristics, anti wear capabilities and extreme pressure properties which make it suitable for use in:

• Plain / journal or anti-friction bearings in applications operating under extreme environmental conditions such as in rolling mills and continuous casters in steel mill plants, and in forming and press section in paper mills,

• Applications with frequent start-ups, low speeds, or where high loads and shock loading are commonplace, such as in mining heavy duty equipment

• Low speed highly loaded coupling systems used extensively in metal rolling mill applications and in high horsepower transmitting such as in curved tooth couplings.

• Applications where resistance to aggressive process waters and protection against corrosive environments is highly demanded

Molub-Alloy 6040 (molub_6040.pdf, 65 Kb) [Download]