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Castrol LubeCon® I/M Dry Film Conveyor Lubricant - 5 Gallon Pail


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Heavy-duty, antiwear chain oil designed to clean and penetrate readily into friction points. This product contains a solid additive package to provide better lubrication while not attracting dirt or dust. Easily and precisely controlled through LubeCon lubrication systems. For conveyor chains, chain pins, trolleys and roller chains.
For the lubrication of conveyor chains, chain pins, trolleys and roller chains.

Dry film lubrication
High penetration of working parts
Lubricant solids provide additional antiwear performance
Helps promote longer chain life and cleans working parts

LubeCon Series I Lubricants are heavy-duty, antiwear lubricants designed to clean and penetrate readily into the friction points. These exceptional products use a solids package to provide enhanced lubrication without attracting dirt or dust. They are easily and precisely applied using LubeCon lubrication systems and because they deposit a thin dry film with high film strength, they protect working parts from contamination by drippage.Series I/FE is a dry film lubricant containing a carrier fluid which evaporates quickly, leaving behind a high temperature antiwear additive.Series I A is a dry film lubricant similar to Series I/FE but with an elevated flash point.Series I/M exhibits the benefits of Series I but with increased antiwear performance.Series I/M O is similar to Series I/M but with a low odour carrier.Series I/M-200 is a dry film lubricant with a increased antiwear performance and has the highest flash point of all the Series I dry film lubricants.

LubeCon Series I/M fluid is heavy-duty, anti-wear lubricant designed specifically for use on conveyors, plant maintenance equipment or other devices with Castrol LubeCon® automatic lubricators. This synergistic combination of lubrication equipment and premium lubricant provides positive and precise lubrication with maximum protection over a temperature range of –65°F to 400°F. LubeCon Series I/M fluid is designed to be thin-film/ dry –film lubricant that first acts as a penetrate and cleaner. The highly penetrating and creeping characteristics serve to dissolve solidified grease and accumulated carbon residue. A thin film of highly stable Lubricating Solids carried to the contact points offers superior film strength in addition to the fluid lubricant. LubeCon Series I/M is engineered for optimized application by LubeCon equipment allowing for precise amounts of fluid to be directed to the lube points at the right time, every time.

LubeCon I/M product data sheet (lubecon_I_M_product_data_sheet.pdf, 59 Kb) [Download]

LubeCon I/M satefy data sheet (lubecon_I_M_safety_data_sheet.pdf, 127 Kb) [Download]