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Chevron® Ursa® Hydraulic Oil 10W - 55 Gallon Drum

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Ursa® Hydraulic Oil 10W is a heavy duty on- and offhighway hydraulic oil that is recommended for SAE 10W applications and for equipment with Caterpillar TO-2 requirements.


Ursa Hydraulic Oil 10W delivers value through: • Meets many major pump manufacturer’s requirements — For antiwear-type hydraulic fluids in heavy duty on- and off-highway mobile hydraulic systems. Excellent Eaton-Vickers 35VQ25A performance. • Foam inhibition — Contains special foam suppressant to minimize both foaming and aeration problems. • Excellent antiwear properties — Formulated with anti-wear performance additives. • Excellent thermal stability — In the presence of copper and steel. • Excellent filterability — Thermal and hydrolytic stability helps prevent formation of deposits which may interfere with filtration in equipment with close tolerances.

Chevron Ursa 10w (ursa_10w.pdf, 92 Kb) [Download]