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Chevron® Delo® 400 40wt Monograde Diesel Engine Oil - 5 Gallon Pail

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Delo® 400 monograde oils are mixed-fleet motor oils recommended for older four-stroke gasoline and diesel engines. CUSTOMER BENEFITS Delo 400 monograde motor oils are recommended for use in four-stroke gasoline and diesel engines where the SAE 10W, 20, 30, 40 or 50 monogrades are specified by the OEM. Delo 400 monograde heavy duty motor oils deliver value through: • Controlled oil costs — Minimal crownland deposits and outstanding oxidation stability lead to the ability to minimize oil consumption. • Long engine life — Excellent control of deposits and wear optimize the engine overhaul intervals. • Exceptional engine cleanliness — High detergency provides excellent deposit and sludge control in the piston ring belt area. • Warranty Plus protection — Bumper-to-bumper warranty protection from the engine to the drive train. Payment for Chevron lubricant-related damage to your equipment, including parts and labor.* Problem resolution and technical advice from Chevron's lubrication experts. • Access to Chevron's lubrication and industry knowledge — Help maximize your bottom line business results.

Chevron Delo 400 (delo_400.pdf, 55 Kb) [Download]