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Castrol Braycote 631 RP - 1 lb. jar


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Minimum quantity for "Castrol Braycote 631 RP - 1 lb. jar" is 1.

Grease, Perfluoroether Rust Inhibited, Wide Temperature Range, Oxygen Compatible

Braycote 631RP is designed for static or dynamic service in the presence of fuels and oxidizers. It has been used

in gears, ball and roller bearings, electrical contacts, and as a thread and elastomer sealant. It is particularly

useful as a lubricant in corrosive or oxygen (LOX/GOX) service and as a plug valve lubricant. This product is

compatible with concentrated acids and bases and it does not hydrolyze or oxidize. Perfluorinated greases, such

as Braycote 631RP, exhibit excellent shelf lives due to their inertness.

Braycote 631 RP Tech data (Braycote_631_RP_tech_data.pdf, 67 Kb) [Download]

Braycote 631 RP SDS (Braycote_631RP_SDS.pdf, 112 Kb) [Download]