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MIL-PRF-5606H - Castrol Brayco Micronic 756 Hydraulic Fluid, 55 Gallon Drum


Supplied by your licensed/authorized Castrol Brayco/Braycote distributor - Santie Oil Company.

27007AEDR 14ABB0

rayco Micronic 756 is designed for use in aircraft, missile, and ordnance hydraulic systems where long term

stability and a low temperature fluid is required. Brayco Micronic 756 is filtered to meet rigid particle contaminant

requirements. It is intended for use in automatic pilots, shock absorbers, brakes, flap-control mechanisms, missile

hydraulic servo-controlled systems and other hydraulic systems using synthetic sealing materials. Fluids

compounded to meet this specification undergo certain changes with use. 55 gallon drum.

Brayco Micronic 756 tech data (Brayco_Micronic_756.pdf, 68 Kb) [Download]

Brayco Micronic 756 SDS (Brayco_Micronic_756_SDS.pdf, 129 Kb) [Download]