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Castrol Brayco®1720 Series Oils (includes 1721, 1722, 1723 & 1724) are intended for use as gear, pump, and lubricating oils where direct or indirect

contact with aggressive chemicals, oxidants, and low temperatures are routine. The Castrol Brayco® 1720 Series

Oils can also be used as vacuum pump oils in operations requiring vapor pressures as low as 10-4 torr.

Perfluorinated fluids, in general, exhibit excellent shelf lives due to their intrinsic inertness


Minimum quantity for "Castrol Brayco™ 1721 - 4 lb size" is 1.

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Castrol Syntilo 9918 is an oil-rejecting synthetic cutting and grinding fluid for ferrous and non-ferrous metals. It provide pure machining performance in sever operations, such as threading. Syntilo 9918 produces minimal mist and generates little fluid carry-out, resulting in longer turnover rates and low product usage. It is ideal for the variety of metals found in general machining. Syntilo 9918 has a neutral pH, making it safe to use on aerospace alloys.

pH-neutral, formaldeyhyde releasing agent free, oil rejecting synthetic coolant developed for cutting and grinding multiple alloys. It is low foaming in recommended water conditions and shows long system life.