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73880-AP20 61909
$2,333.81 $1,699.30

Castrol SHL synthetic hydrocarbon lubricants, is formulated from select Polyalphaolefins (PAOs).


$249.42 $189.75

Castrol Syntilo 9918 is an oil-rejecting synthetic cutting and grinding fluid for ferrous and non-ferrous metals. It provide pure machining performance in sever operations, such as threading. Syntilo 9918 produces minimal mist and generates little fluid carry-out, resulting in longer turnover rates and low product usage. It is ideal for the variety of metals found in general machining. Syntilo 9918 has a neutral pH, making it safe to use on aerospace alloys.

pH-neutral, formaldeyhyde releasing agent free, oil rejecting synthetic coolant developed for cutting and grinding multiple alloys. It is low foaming in recommended water conditions and shows long system life.


69510AEP5 14D12B
$378.12 $343.89

Castrol LubeCon Dry Film Conveyor Lubricant


69515AEP5 14CD7A
$472.14 $437.27

Castrol LubeCon Dry Film Conveyor Lubricant

Heavy-duty, antiwear chain oil designed to clean and penetrate readily into friction points. This product contains a solid additive package to provide better lubrication while not attracting dirt or dust. Easily and precisely controlled through LubeCon lubrication systems. For conveyor chains, chain pins, trolleys and roller chains.

For the lubrication of conveyor chains, chain pins, trolleys and roller chains.